Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ten Years in a Day

For the last 10 years I have ignored the fact that I am getting older. I am the most experienced 27 year old on the planet. I would joke that I am only having anniversaries of my last birthday. But today I have decided that it's time to face the truth, I am getting older, and that time keeps on slipping into the future. Whether I celebrate it or not my time here on Earth is getting shorter. And there is nothing I can do to stop it.
But I can say this, the last 365 days have been the best of my life, only second to the next 365 days. Time is too short to pretend, to play "life", to not be who you really are. I know who I am and I am who I was created to be, I won't apologize for it, take it up with God if you don't like me. I've stopped running from who I am, and I will live out the rest of my life making full use of the gifts and talents that I have been given. To do any less is just spitting in the face of my creator.

My name is Ethan and I am 37 today.

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  1. Happy 37th Birthday, Ethan. I turned 41 in October and am truely grateful for all that I have been blessed with in those 41 years. Congratulations for accepting who and what you are. To me, you are a dear friend and comforter.