Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Man Crush

Face it at some point in the life of a man you have had a crush on another man. And before you get all bend out of shape I am not talking about a romantic crush. What I mean is they have certain qualities or characteristics that we admire about someone else. We wish we were looked like him, talked like him, where as smart as him. or in my case wished I had great hair like Edward Cullan. For me I have more than a follicle obsession with the 17 year old (and not counting) vampire from the Pacific northwest. I am fascinated by the superhuman love his has for Bella. This rivals the love affair of Romeo and Juliet. Except he is already dead and he is a blood sucking vampire....hey no one is perfect

95% of American woman are in love with Edward...

So why is it that a fictional teenage vampire knowd more about unconditional love than all of us guys put together?

Let me help you out here....Your wife or girlfriend doesn't want him, she wants YOU to look at her the way he looks at Bella. They want you to be their own personal Edward. Now I know that it sounds like giving in and letting them change us from who we are.....but really, if we gave them a taste of this, we might be surprised how things will change for the both of you....

So today I challenge you to be her Edward.