Thursday, April 2, 2009

Getting ready to say "I do"

In a little more than a week our good friends daughter is getting married. For the last couple of years we had the opportunity to watch this young couple grow closer together. And cry with excitement when Brad proposed to Ashley. We get to be a part of the exciting 1st chapter of their life together. And watch as they look each other in the eyes and promise to be there in until the end. I can hardly wait until next weekend, there is just something that I love about watching a two people committing their lives together. There is so much hope and faith that they will be one of the couples that beats the odds. Overcomes the statistics, and live together "until death do us part." On their wedding day...that special day... there is no doubt that this couple...will finish together.
To Brad & Ashley,
Here is to a long and happy marriage, living as one as long as you both shall live.
I love you guys

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